The Intuitive Programmer

The felt experience of software development

Software engineering has boomed. If you’re between the ages of 24 and 45, then likely you are or know someone who is a software engineering. Let’s remember exactly what software engineering is. The development of an idea into an actuality. Our generation has seen such a scale of rapid development in the application development world that anyone with an idea and knowledge of programming can potentially disrupt longstanding industries. This is the age of the idea. The demand for software engineers is huge. Training schools, known as boot camps, aim to upskill even the most novice of software engineers. This drastically reduced the barrier to entry for this field. A more diverse talent pool of applicants presented itself in a time when inequality gaps stemmed from systems that inadvertently oppressed women and people of color. I am one of the thousand of people who decided to pursue software engineering as a career path with little prior training as a Fine Arts major who went into marketing and communications. I’ll share honestly and transparently. Perhaps as a way to provide historical record of this time and place that we find ourselves in. This blog will certainly evolve over time, and I hope to evolve with it. I hope you do too somehow. :-)

Thank you for being here in this space.