The Intuitive Programmer

Developing Intuition: Enjoying what you do as a beginner.

Programming is hard

Making a career out of it is even harder. But, is this the equivalent of saying that being a lawyer is hard, or even running a small business? The point is, that this life is hard. For career switchers, becoming a software engineer might seem like a fast track to life in the easy lane. Good pay, and relatively high demand for the skill set makes software engineering a hot commodity. At record rates, people are coming into the profession and loving the allure of such a career. The question becomes, how long does this last.

So you have the job…

The thing is, once you get the job, things only get more difficult. Now there are benchmarks from which you derive a certain output. Those benchmarks might be reasonable or they might be astronomically out of your league. It might be difficult to focus on what to learn because, as professionals of a sought after skill, we are constantly being exposed to the latest and greatest piece of technology. This is a choose your own adventure game. Finding some aspect of joy in it is important. In life we are constantly faced with having to make a choice and it’s often the truth that, if we side with a feeling that resides in our body and heart, we would likely be prone to having the kind of career we want. Objects of the mind are just that and fickle. Ask yourself these questions, ask for support and guide your evolution in a way that’s unique to your qualifications.

Iterate through your good ideas

Where most people loose sight of enjoyment is where they loose sight of themselves. Day after day, year after year, we are being validated by expanding on the vision of others. I’m proposing that less time be spent iterating through the dreams of others and more time spent in your world crafting, creating and communicating.