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Deliberate Practice

Everyone has a spirit that can be refined, a body that can be trained in some manner, a suitable path to follow. You are here to realize your inner divinity and manifest your innate enlightenment.
-Morihei Ueshiba

In martial arts, a kata is a technique that is practiced in an effort to ground the practitioner in one deliberate skill set. Katas are isolated, specific and something that can be done in a reasonable timeframe. Often time, in programming, we are put forth on a long string of tasks to deliver a completed project. Often the focus is placed on a research first attitude where the presiding logic dictates that we should be accustomed to googling whatever it is that we do not know. Generally, I agree with this, and believe that everyone can benefit from learning the skill of effective research. However, I think the concept needs to be taken a bit farther to ensure that we are also developing an intuition for the actions we are taking and not just working off of documentation.

When analyzing your routine, try to understand where it is that you are stumbling. If it's something that you feel that you understand comfortably, ask yourself; Can you execute the task on demand with minimal reference to documentation? This can take on the form of many different things. Currently, I'm trying to get accustomed to the task of building and deploying applications on the free tiers of various Platform as a Service providers such as AWS and Heroku.

To deploy a production grade (as far as my understanding goes) hello-world application onto the cloud. My application base will be Spring Boot while the front end will utilize Angular. There will be limited functionality on these application but as my experience grows I hope expand this post to be inclusive of setting up a database and perhaps basic crud functionalities.

What am I not going you do ?

  1. Care about the content. I'm only trying to go from A to Z. Skeleton to deployment.
  2. Develop security or implement anything more advanced. The website will be an ostensible Hello World page so none of that is needed at this point.
  3. Reinvent the wheel. The developer community is full of excellent people that contribute to the collective body of knowledge. I hope to learn from that and perhaps add to that body of knowledge.

Why am I focusing on this task?

It might seem redundant to do this trial. I mean, most of the work is using the command line to download the project starter and then following the vendor specific instruction for deployment. Nothing ground breaking, just detail oriented work to make sure nothing breaks as you work towards deployment. I'm going to work through and give my feed back on the different PaaS providers and how they work in conjunction with deploying a Spring Boot Angular app. This post will be updated overtime with that information. Maybe i'll also include project starters where appropriate.

While I do not have matter to post at the moment, i do intend to update this post with links to show my experience in working with the various PaaS service providers.

P.S. This blog is run on Gatsby JS using Prismic as a headless CMS. I am utilizing Pork Bun for the static hosing. It's cheap and honestly, kind of fun.


<p>More to follow</p>

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